10 Best Instant Pots to Buy 2020 – Top-Rated Worth Buying Instant Pot!


The instant pot is a Canadian brand for kitchen appliances. The brand’s original products and primary products are electronically controlled, combined pressure, and slow cookers. The innovative cookers are marketed at the 7 in 1 appliance designed to consolidate the cooking and preparing food to a single device (multi cooker).

Buyers Guide:

Make your decision based on the Instant pot price

The price of these instant pot ranges from $80 to approximately $ 160, so you see, it is an affordable/economical price. While purchasing this product, you will not put yourself in loans.

Make your decision based on the size of the instant pot

The size matters a lot. The 7 in 1 multi-use model is capable of turning out 8 quarts of food. The extra space is priceless as it becomes useful if you want to sterilize bottles or take up canning.

Make our decisions based on the features:

The instant pots have made a big splash on the markets due to its unique and outstanding features. The instant pots can replace “a million” cooking vessels.

Make your decisions based on word of mouth:

Before buying a product, go through the experience of others. It may be in the form of reviews, or your friend could guide you too. Friends don’t let friends buy a lousy electric cooking pot, so do not feel shy or hesitate while asking for recommendations.


A state of the art microprocessor lies at the heart of the instant processor, which makes it practically impossible for a cooking mistake. This helps to keep all the other features in hand. This duo programmable pressure cooker can also serve you as canning mechanism if you happen to make pickles and vegetables on our own for future consumption. It can be done in two ways, either pressurized canning or boiling water. In addition to this, its also a very quiet appliance. It makes no noise while using it. Also features lid holders, for both left and right-handed users.


  • Great accessory collection
  • Programming features are efficient


  • This pot does not deliver the instant meals you want
  • Proper operation of this application will only depend on how you follow the directions.

Instant POT LUX60

By buying the instant pot LUX 60, you do not have to worry about overcooking dilemmas because the food automatically stays warm up to 10 hours. This instant pot model is so smart that everything starting from the food equation to consistency everything is balanced. This also offers a one push button, so everything is just a button away.


  • Does the job of 7household appliances
  • Fast, savory and sweet cooking results
  • Ten safety measures certified by UL and ULC


  • Slow cooker
  • The lid could jam shut button when opened/closed.

Instant pot smart WIFI multi-use programmable pressure cooker:

Do not mix sweet with savory; the app keeps it balanced. The embedded, proprietary microprocessor that runs this instant pot like a railway system. A dual pressure (high/low) mechanism delivers 12 temperature ranges including sautéing, slow cook, and “automatic warming” so the foods are delivered with perfect results.


  • Innovative WIFI/graphics make operation a breeze
  • Remote time monitoring bonus


  • The base could melt in extreme circumstances

Instant POT duo plus

This instant pot comes with a full supply of accessories; you do not need to worry about spending extra cash on other utensils. The instant pot duo plus is manufactured with ten safety mechanism. In the past, if you have had problems with the previous instant pots, worry no more as the Instant pot plus produces food 70% faster due to its advanced technology.


  • The INSTAPOT can even help reduce your power bills
  • Substitutes 9 other appliances


  • May leak steam if the lid isn’t properly secured



The instant pot ultra 10 in 1 electric pressure cooker can hold up to 6 quarts. This is the newest one and has the people talking about it. It is jam-packed with lots of features that have never been seen before in an electric pressure. It is a 10 in 1 programmable pressure cooker. It has a bigger digital display screen along with n easy to use management system.


  • Mute sounds
  • Change Altitude
  • Bigger Screen


  • Temperature regulation issues have been reported by users.

Crock Pot 8 in 1:

If you are looking for a pressure cooker instant pot, then crockpot is the one. It comes along with eight significant features, but 15 built-in programs will offer you more comfort in your life. You can buy this product if you have an excellent money package. The features include, Yogurt maker, browning, steamer, warmer, slow cooker, rice cooker.


  • It is very user-friendly due to its lightweight and user interface
  • The available size for this is an average size for families.
  • Time-saving because it is fully programmable
  • The cooker is electric; it consumes less power, which will save you money.


  • Do not support immediate opening after cooking.

Best Instant Pot lux model:

It is challenging to find the best pots at reasonable prices, but the instant pot lux model is available at reasonable prices. This instant pot is famous as 6 in 1. 6 significant features will help you and will attract you towards it. Which will help you save your money and time.

The six features include; If you need the pressure to quick anything quickly like beef this pressure cooker is the one, there is a built-in option for or the rice to cook, warming, slow cooking is also necessary for some food, so it provides this option as well.

It is also a streamer. If you want to brown the food, it will work just fine with that too. Some days you feel like not cooking the food, those days you can set the pressure temperature, and the pressure cooker will turn off automatically after your desired time.


  • Time-saving, because fully programmable
  • Easy to use


  • This is not available for prominent families
  • You can set the pressure, but no option to reduce the pressure. You have to set the required pressure only.

Instant pot duo: (7in 1)

There are 7 major features in this instant pot, but there are 14 built-in programs that will help you to provide more ease in your life. Some features make it different from others; you can then compare these with others and then pick out your desired ones. It has seven built-in features, so the cooker is multi-functional.

The seven functions include; pressure cooker, slow cooker, warmer, steamer, yogurt maker, browning. The most important thing about this is the design, it should be safe to use and kitchen friendly. So, this cooker has all the qualities that will satisfy you. The material is the most critical part, so the material used in this is stainless steel.


  • It has a touch panel, so you do not need to touch the panels hardly, a soft touch may work.
  • There are different generations of microprocessors. It consists of rd generation microprocessors
  • The feature of double pressure is available. You can increase or decrease the pressure whenever you require.
  • Seven cooking options available


  • It has a lot of complicated options, so you need to understand these so it may take time to understand.
  • LCD is not available.

Insta pot duo 60:

If you are looking for electric pressure cookers, the instant pot plus is at the top of the list. The display panels of this pot 60 have a touchpad which provides you an easy interaction with the pressure cooker. There are many built-in programs like alarm, pressure settings, time settings and lastly, time settings, etc.

The display panel of this insta post has different types of options that are; time icon, cooker status icon, mode indicator, pressure indicator. It provides an LCD to offer you more ease in life; this display is user-friendly. There are more than 15 built-in programs that may help you in making your meal in a go.

This way if you have guests over and got nothing to cook, you can cook within a couple of minutes as it does not take much time. The security mechanism is approved by international organizations.


  • More advanced than other pots
  • A touchpad is available
  • The high-quality material used with reasonable price
  • The user manual provides a lot of recipes


  • Latest technologies are used in it, which makes it harder to use.
  • It may take weeks to understand it

Best Instant pot ultra:

This is also a great instant pot avail at reasonable prices. You can set the time of it from a minute to 6 hours. The most exciting thing about this is that it has Bluetooth, you can connect it with your phone easily. If you would want to control the temperature timings from your phone, then the instant pot is the best option for you.

It includes a steam rack, measuring cup, user manual, recipe booklet, soup spoon, serving spoon. There are many more features that include the availability of 4-6 family members; the display of it is much more friendly, so you do not need to waste your time. You can also set the delay time as well as the alarm; the temperature and pressures are built in for different recopies.


  • The touch panel is user-friendly
  • The facility of dual pressure is available


  • The LCD is available but may take time to understand.

Best Go WISE USA 10 in 1:

It is the new model which provides ten features in one package. It has a built-in function which helps to save the timings of cooking if you are going to cook the same thing which you do not need to worry about the time.

It will automatically set the time for the recipe which you have already cooked previously. The features of this include; sterilizer, cake maker, egg cooker, rice porridge cooker, yogurt maker, etc.


  • User manual available with different recipes


  • Not user-friendly because of too much advancement

Best Gourmia 13 in 1:

The 13 in one instant pot comes along with 13 features in just one box, that’s something not to miss! Their many features are embedded in it. The features include; manual time control, keeping warm, convenient delay timer, and so on.


  • Built in option to boil water


  • Not available for big families


The information provided above may help you choose the best instant pots for your pool. Before purchasing any product, go through the details that are mentioned above and then make a decision. Read the review of our top instant pots and find the best instant pot which you are looking for.