Used Golf Carts For Under 1000

used golf carts for under 1000
Used Golf Carts For Under 1000

When it comes to buying a used golf carts for under 1000 or purchasing anything second-hand for that matter, we all go through a lot of confusion because there are numerous options to pick from.
There is constantly that worry of mistakenly ending up being victim to dishonest sellers and winding up purchasing something that was broken and does not operate at all. Buying a golf cart can be extremely time consuming and confusing because of the large range of functions and styles that you can choose. However, it is among the best methods for you to travel around your community and play golf with.

It is not constantly necessary to buy a brand new golf cart due to the fact that there are many methods to buy a used or refurbished golf cart. That stated, many previous golf cart users tend to sell their lorries due to lots of factors aside from attempting to get rid of a broken golf cart.

It might be due to the death of a golf gamer in their family or simply the fact that they don’t play golf any longer or don’t need the cart.

Regardless of whatever, you require to be extremely cautious and make sure you think about all the pros and cons that include buying a utilized golf cart.

Given that you can not rely on sellers and acquiring a currently utilized golf cart comes with numerous dangers, we have listed below the top 10 pointers that you can use to your advantage while buying one.

1) Is the Golf Cart Refurbished or Used?
When trying to find a utilized or refurbished car, it is good to understand their underlying differences. A reconditioned golf cart is a car that was used on a golf course for a number of years and is now being resold to the general public as a “refurbished/reconditioned” golf cart. In this scenario, it is very easy to simply paint the body and suspension of the cart, include brand-new tires and seats and stop. However, the motor, controller, bearings, batteries, and other wear and tear elements are still the very same. Make sure the unit is reconditioned by a certified dealership with good credibility. A great location to start is with a dealership that is the official dealership for the make of the refurbished system. Be really mindful when buying a refurbished golf cart as it is the most convenient method to wind up with a system that requires additional repair work within the first year.

Other sellers may sell the unit in as-is condition. Therefore, you will have to keep in mind the marketplace pricing and what is consisted of with the system. Constantly ensure the car has relatively brand-new batteries in. For information on determining the age of the batteries, please take a look at our short article on determining the age of the batteries. In addition, inspect the tires, suspension, charger, and total condition of the lorry. Undoubtedly, a used golf cart will not be perfect, for that reason it is great to identify what repair work in the future you could anticipate when examining the rate of the system. If you have extra concerns, then do not hesitate to use our golf cart evaluation tool to identify the cost of a used golf cart.

2) What is the Age of the Golf Cart?
It is very important that you consider the age of the electric golf cart that you are eagerly anticipating buying. You need to pay attention towards the model of the cart since that will assist you get the features that you require. As well as if the design is older, it can be increasingly challenging for you to find parts for the system. An excellent guideline of them is to keep away from any system that is over 15 years of ages. In addition, constantly ask to see the number of hours or cycles are on the unit. The majority of golf carts that are 2005 and more recent will track the hours and cycles (golf cart rounds) on the unit internally on the controller. If the dealer is reluctant to show this info to you, then this must be a warning as to his expertise or attempting to conceal the truth the unit may have 2000+ hours on it.

3) What Features Does it Have?
Select the electric golf cart according to your requirements.
Select the cart suited towards your way of life (see our guide to buying a golf cart).
You have to examine whether you can drive it just on the course or in the gated community too.
Inspect to see if it requires to be licensed (see our state law guide for questions).
Research the type of devices you would like.
Ensure that the electrical golf cart you choose is comfortable to drive.

4) How are the Batteries?
We talked about this briefly previously. When you are buying a utilized electric golf cart, you need to make sure that its battery pack is in good condition. Do not forget to examine the condition of the battery and ask if there is a producer service warranty included with the purchase. The leading battery manufacturer’s for golf cart batteries are Trojan, US Battery, Crown and Interstate. Any brands outside of those 4 needs to be looked into to guarantee dependability. Likewise, ask the seller how old the batteries are and verify their age utilizing our battery age tool. If the batteries are less than years of age and seem in excellent and tidy condition and devoid of rust, then you must be set for a few more years. If the batteries have bulging sides on them, then this normally suggests the batteries on their way out the door. Also, make sure the wanted battery pack is ideal for your situation. For more details on this, please check out our short article that talks about the variety of battery packs and their desired usages.

5) Is the Golf Cart Worth the Asking Price?
One of the most important factors to consider while purchasing the used electric golf cart is the price. Do your regional research on market value for Golf Carts. Prices for Golf Carts vary depending upon your location. More notably, if it is an used golf carts for under 1000 or less, then be ready to invest an additional $800 to $2000 in future repairs for batteries and other elements. You need to make certain that you get the golf cart priced from the market, so that you can negotiate with the seller for the rate of the unit. Also, the varying degree of devices and speed will likewise determine the cost of the system.


In general, the goal is to determine what is finest for your lifestyle. Our in-depth guide on purchasing a golf cart is an excellent place to start. In addition, attempt to do some research study and identify some devices that you understand you will want to have. Some accessories can be found at reasonable costs online, however some devices can be custom and pricey like paint tasks and customized enclosures. As long as you do your research study, you can get a good deal on a used golf cart. Simply make certain the cart has the features you need, is in good condition and still runs well. And don’t forget to ask a great deal of questions. That’s the most important part of buying a utilized golf cart.

Selecting to purchase a used golf cart is a terrific choice as it is easy on the pockets and if you are fortunate and get a chance to get a well-maintained one, be ensured that it will provide years of a smooth ride.

If you take some time now to make certain you get a golf cart that fits your expectations, it will pay off later on.

Keep in mind that there are numerous aftermarket vendors that will help you customize your carts to fit your personal needs.

Ensure you pay them a see if you see any prospective upgrades or changes that you feel your new cart needs. Often, it deserves to spend more for new to insure you get what you desire in addition to the verification of having a solid service warranty.