What Is That Circle Thing For Back of Phone?

circle thing for back of phone

Have you seen one of those weird circular discs slapped on the back of somebody’s phone a.k.a. circle thing for back of phone? Opportunities are, that’s a PopSocket. They’re widely preferred today, especially with the younger group.

Yet what is a PopSocket? And also more significantly, our PopSockets removable? We’re mosting likely to dive right in as well as respond to every one of your burning questions.

A PopSocket is a plastic circle that you affix to a flat phone (or instance) with a sticky adhesive. When you pull or “pop” it out twice, the PopSocket extends like a tiny accordion. By doing this, you can slip your fingers in between your phone and also the end of the PopSocket, enabling a more comfy as well as tighter grasp.

If the concept of having a slight bulge on the back of your phone all the time troubles you, do not stress. PopSockets are simple to remove, mount, or reposition at any moment.

You’ll notice that PopSockets are available in two components: the base (the adhesive disc), and also the PopTop (the layout portion). While the PopTop part easily comes off when you get tired of its appearance, removing the base is a little trickier.

To completely remove the base, ensure your PopSocket is squashed, after that peel it up slowly from the case. If you have any type of issues removing the PopSocket, slide dental floss or a credit card below the system to lift and divide the adhesive.

Remember that the adhesive gel could dry gradually. If it feels completely dry, simply rinse it with warm water as well as let it air completely dry. Ensure it doesn’t dry for any kind of longer than 10 minutes.

Although you could think that PopSockets only have a single objective, they actually have several uses. So, what are PopSockets made use of for? On the whole, they make it a lot easier to do straightforward points with your smartphone. The adhering to pointers and tricks will certainly assist you get the hang of making use of a PopSocket.

Obtain a Better Hold

A PopSocket mainly operates as an additional grasp, which is specifically helpful for bigger smartphones. If you regularly drop your phone or locate it hard to hold a huge phone easily, PopSocket fixes that.

As an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I often struggle to get a great grasp on my phone with just one hand. With a PopSocket, I can hold my gadget one-handed and search without issue. Plus, it’s a lot more comfy

Take Picture-Perfect Selfies

In addition to giving a much better hold on your device, the PopSocket is excellent for taking selfies.

Why is this? The PopSocket makes it much easier to hold your phone with one hand, letting you get to the shutter switch easily. It additionally offers more liberty with the angle, and also the strong hold implies you no more require to stumble around to discover one of the most lovely shot.

Usage It as a Stand to Prop Up Your Phone

If you need to prop your smartphone or tablet while seeing video clips or playing games, the PopSocket has you covered. Utilizing a PopSocket as a stand works better when there are two of them connected to your phone or tablet computer (specifically the last), yet a solitary one functions also.

With one PopSocket, simply pop it out two times and lean your device in landscape positioning. This functions finest when the PopSocket is centered on your phone– or else, it just tips over.

For bigger gadgets, such as your tablet computer, it’s finest to use two PopSockets, positioned a little off-center on top and bottom. By doing this, you can quickly prop your tablet computer up on a table.

You can also utilize the PopSockets Multi-Purpose Mount to hang your PopSocket on any upright surface. The PopSockets Vehicle Mount for your air vents, control panel, or windscreen is likewise a fantastic option if you’re trying to find a car phone holder.

Manage Your Wired Earbuds

Not everybody intends to use Bluetooth earphones– you still could intend to capitalize on your phone’s existing earphone jack. But with wired earbuds, come tangled messes. Fortunately, PopSockets fix this aggravating concern.

To do this, affix one PopSocket towards the top of your phone, and also one towards all-time low. You can utilize this setup to wrap your wired earbuds around the PopSockets for tangle-free cable storage space when they’re not in use. It may look a little bit foolish, yet it’s simpler than needing untangling those earbuds each time you dig them out of your pocket.

While PopSockets might look silly initially, there are many excellent ways to use them. It takes time to obtain used to your phone’s PopSocket, yet after a while, it becomes a crucial accessory. You’ll locate it tough to return to a phone or tablet computer without one.

Better yet, you can easily mount your phone to your car once you obtain a PopSocket and also its accompanying cars and truck place. Don’t forget to consider these must-have mobile phone accessories for your car too.

circle thing for back of phone