Who Makes The Best Golf Cart Batteries

Golf enthusiasts that spend a great deal of time on the program as well as sometimes need to accelerate the procedure will do well to buy a golf cart. This is not cost-effective however well worth the investment.

An electric golf cart can normally travel in between 8 to 13 miles on one battery charge, although this depends on the model as well as configuration of the battery along with the cart’s voltage.

It is important to think about that the range to be gained per battery charge depends on whether a 2-seater or 4-seater is being powered, and how much baggage or weight is being lugged.

One estimation is that a round of golf requires around 40 minutes of run time and if released at 56 amps, an average of two rounds is possible per fee.

who makes the best golf cart batteries

Trojan T-105 Batteries

– Up to 750 charges as well as 200 rounds of golf
– High-quality brand
– 2-year complete substitute guarantee
– Most affordable expense amp-per-hour battery on the market
– Multiple-use batteries for solar & wind electrical systems.
– Newest modern technology

– Needs fairly high upkeep e.g. watering as well as preserving tidy terminals for ideal results
– Not the cheapest
– Rather heavy

With a background covering from the 1920s, Trojan is a very admired brand in the manufacturing of golf cart batteries that is trustworthy as well as having an excellent life process. Understood for developing modern technology that establishes them ahead of the pack, users as well as experts alike have rated Trojan batteries as leaders in their particular groups.

The company is understood for producing excellent deep cycle lead-acid batteries that execute very well with a lengthy life-span. The majority of the competition will certainly agree that Trojan has actually established bench high for everybody to aspire to. The batteries discharge at a slower speed enabling them to drive carts even on the longest days out on the program.

With a combination of quality, power as well as speed up the Trojan battery packs ought to be among the very first brand names to be contributed to your list for examination.

Trojan T-105 6 Volt battery costs, flooding leaded battery that is developed for cost-effectiveness, long life, dependability, and also performance. One of the largest reasons for getting on top of the graphes is the life process of the T-105, as it can be charged as well as releasing 750 times that makes them amongst the most effective on the market today.

The deep cells on the T-105 will protect against early degrading from routine charging and suitable for frequent high-power usage.

Following an appropriate maintenance program, the T-105 batteries will allow you to enjoy much care free, uninterrupted hrs.


The measurements of the T-105 Trojan are about 10.3 inches long, 7.1 inches wide as well as simply over 10 inches high.

Discharge rates:

– It has an impressive 225 AH at a 20-hour rate offer 6-volt voltage for running small to medium-sized motors.

-The rate of Discharge: 447 minutes @ 25 amps or 115 minutes @ 75 amps

– With an estimate of 750 cycles offering power for more than 200 rounds of golf also at the optimum use 75 amps, you will certainly need to play a great deal of golf to get the T-105 to surrender on you.

Key Specs:

Weight: — The T-105 weighs in at 62 pounds

Guarantee: — 1 year maker’s warranty

Voltage: — 6V

Battery type: — Flooded lead battery

Life process: — 750 life cycles

Our Verdict:

Anticipate top quality batteries with excellent backup warranty as well as full replacement ought to you experience significant troubles throughout the warranty period.

This is a battery that can take care of duplicated charging without deterioration due to the deep cells.

Finally, the brand has been about longer than a lot of us and still offer top-of-the-range batteries and also backs up their guarantees. You can not go too far wrong by exploring this brand

UPG UB12350 Battery who makes the best golf cart batteries

UPG UB12350 Battery


Great worth for money
Spill as well as vibration evidence
The battery comes with an one-year warranty.
Deals with all terrains


The battery must not be released below 50% as the maker recommends.
Has a tendency to degrade over time

UPG Powering Innovations has actually been around since 1968 generating energy storage space services to boost their customers’ lifestyle and is just one of the premium producers of golf cart batteries.

The UPG UB12350 (Team U1) 12 Volt Battery is a powerful, cutting edge, closed lead acid battery that is valve-regulated and available in 35AH or 75AH. Making use of non-corrosive products as well as a taken care of fiberglass mat with an electrolyte repaired in position. Being a covered system makes it virtually completely maintenance-free and as it is spill-proof it can be utilized in nearly any type of harsh or hilly terrain

Key Requirements:

The UB12350 measures in at and determine in at 7.68 inches long, 5.16 inches large as well as 7.13 inches in height.
Voltage: — 12 volts
Amperage Score: — 35 AH
Battery type: — Flooded lead battery
Life cycles: — 600 life process
Service warranty: — 1 year
Weight: — 23.15 extra pounds
The heavy-duty ABS Plastic covering that makes it shatter-proof

Our Verdict
Solid, well-protected plastic cover to choose the spill-proof and vibration-proof that enable it to be utilized on all terrains.

Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart Battery


Long cycle life (750 cycles).
Quick billing.
No freezing.


Rather heavy.

A completely heavy-duty, highly progressed sealed system is totally maintenance-free, that’s the pledge from Amstron. The chance of the battery dripping while passing through the rough as well as hilly locations of the golf course is 0. Home plates in the battery are durable as well as will certainly not be removed or affected by the resonances and also bumps while searching for your sphere in the rough.

The battery is made to reduce warmth while charging and discharging and also this leads to an extensive life process. Cost rapidly, slow-moving as well as constant discharge price and no opportunity of freezing throughout incredibly cold weather makes this a fantastic combination. The low discharge rate while sanding is exceptionally low to accommodate those durations where your cart is inactive.

The convenience of the Amstron CG2 enables it to be used in numerous cars such as aquatic lorries, Recreational vehicles, solar & wind motors and also, certainly, golf carts.

Key Features:

Taken In Glass Mat (AGM) technology indicates there is no complimentary liquid inside the battery. The lack of fluid reduces the warm generation during the cycles.

The most affordable hydrogen discharge measuring to 4% only.

Freezing is unlikely as a result of the lack of liquid.

Product specs:

Voltage: — 6 Volts.
Amperage: — 210 AH.
AGM battery.
Roughly 10 inches long by 7 inches vast.
Measuring in at 10.2 inches long, 7.1 inches wide and also 10.8 inches high.
Weight: — 68 pounds.
Cycle life: — 750 cycles.
Weight: — 68 lbs.
Warranty: — 2 years.

Our Verdict.
Maintenance-free with a life cycle as much as 750 fees that will give you several years of golf cart to travel without any stress over checking out the water. Winter is not a trouble as no fluid can ice up.

A costs product with loads of modern technology that is a product that might benefit you to examine and examine before you devote to your purchase.

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery- GPL-4CT


Easy to use.
High fee efficiency design.
Compatibility with the majority of chargers.
Immune to vibrations.
750 life processes.


Lifeline Marine products are focused on the marine product’s market however are totally useful by the golfing neighborhood. The batteries are hand-made in the U.S.A. and authorized by the United States Coast Guard for use on US Armed forces cars. This need to inspire confidence in the item as the US Coast Guard needs extensive screening to be carried out as well as a detailed assessment procedure to be completed before putting an item on the authorized list.

This is a real deep-cycle battery that is extremely competitive in the number of deep cycles that it can fit and is one of the leading, otherwise the leading battery, in the number of fees it will experience. The Lifeline Batteries is developing to be extremely durable as well as will certainly travel through 1000 cycles at 50% depth charges as well as supply a 750 cycle at 80% depth discharges.

The compatibility with most chargers offered on the marketplace as a result of the high-charge effectiveness design, plus the convenience of use, make this an extremely desirable battery.

Leaks and also damages are short on the listing of concerns around this battery as it is an AGM battery.

The 220 AH capacity at a 20-hour price will enable prolonged traveling chances without being concerned regarding being left stranded.

Lifeline has acquired a lot of self-confidence in their item with the cooperation with the US Coastline Guard as well as using an industry-leading 5-year service warranty.

Key Specifications:

Cycle life: — 750 cycles.
Voltage: — 6 volts.
Amperage: — 220 AH.
Service warranty: — 5-year service warranty.
Battery Type: — AGM battery.
Measurements: — 10.28 inches long, 7.06 inches large and 9.92 inches high.
Weight: — 66 pounds.

Our Verdict:
This is a costs battery that is very functional battery created for aquatic applications and also accepted by the US Coast Guard.

Quality is a hallmark as well as the 5-year service warranty promotes self-confidence that the business has in the performance and also workmanship of the product.

Exide 6V Battery


High quality.
Alleviate of maintenance.
Superior resonance resistance.

Low cycle life.
It is hefty.

Exide has actually remained in the battery business for years and also has built up credibility for offering long-lasting effective batteries. However, in the golf cart as well as mobile battery industry, the competition has outshined the Exide batteries when it revives cycles.

The high quality associated with Exide batteries still comes to the forefront when you set up an Exide.

Vibration resistance is helped utilizing a cast on a band to offer constant electric conductivity also when entering the harsh as well as uneven surface.

The air vent caps advertise the simplicity of upkeep even for the inexperienced golf cart proprietor.

Product Specs:

Life process: — 600 cycles.
Voltage: — 6V.
Dimensions: — 10.38 inches long, 7.19 inches vast and also 11.44 inches high.
Weight: — 62 pounds.
Ability (Ah): — 200

Our Verdict:

Quality and also sturdiness are trademarks of the Exide brand and also will certainly not dissatisfy with the cart batteries. Although the life cycles are below the mark established by a lot of competitors, you can depend on the brand to provide a hassle-free experience for the life of your cart batteries. The Exide has the lengthiest battery life offered and also should become part of your comparison listing simply based on the durability of the brand.

Points to Think About When Buying a Golf Cart Battery (Besides who makes the best golf cart batteries)

When to Replace Golf Cart Batteries.

Identifying that your batteries call for substitute is as crucial as carrying out correct maintenance on them.

Many makers recommended replacement duration is every 5 years but maybe an also much shorter period between replacement for a wide variety of reasons. However, with mindful maintenance and care the life time of the battery could be prolonged as much as high as 10 years.

Despite the most effective care as well as maintenance, every battery will need to substitute eventually and there are some signals to watch out for to figure out when that time has actually arrived.

Enhanced Charge Time

The time it requires to get a complete charge into your battery will certainly be an early signal that it is beginning to fulfill completion of its lifetime.

Loss of Range

A solid battery needs to offer you with a minimum of 7 miles on a complete charge. As the battery deteriorates, the distance that you can travel will certainly lower. If you normally play 18 holes, it ought to be able to conveniently complete that distance. When the range covered ends up being troublesome, it’s time to start checking into the reasons and also choices available to expand the distance that you can cover every round.

Velocity and also Power

New carts with brand-new batteries remove like a bat out of heck giving you as well as your guest whiplash. In time, as the battery diminishes, the whiplash comes to be much less, as well as the bat loses a little bit of motivation.

When your cart begins to accelerate at the rate of a tortoise taking off as well as battles to rise capital to a tee that is just a little greater than the roofing of your home, the indications are there that the battery requires substitute.

Physical Wear on the Battery

As quickly as your battery begins expanding lumps like the bump on your infant’s head when he mistook the glass for being open and oozing out acid like an infant’s running nose throughout the flu period, you recognize it is time to component ways with some hard-earned money.

Voltmeter Examination

Certainly, you don’t have to wait on all the indications to appear, and potentially leave you at the clubhouse after a round.

Examining all the batteries on your cart consistently with a voltmeter will offer you an early indicator when your battery is starting a slow decrease and also offer time for doing away with a few of your golf cash to change it when the moment comes.

What To Look Out For When Acquiring a Battery

Before we enter the information of what battery you might call for, it will be of fantastic advantage to recognize the terms that will be bandied about additionally into the short article.


Batteries are readily available in 6, 8 as well as 12 volts. The voltage describes the force used to produce an electrical current or the toughness of the battery.

What is The Voltage Requirement of My Cart?

If you are unsure regarding how to determine your voltage requirement, the starting point to begin is checking out the maker’s demand requirements.

If that is not available, the 2nd place to look at is the existing battery setup and also determine the requirements from there. To compute the voltage needs, count the number of acid openings on top of every battery, and increase the number of acid openings by 2 to establish the voltage requirements.

The 3rd option is to take it to the battery facility to aid you in computing the demands.

To achieve the voltage demands, you will connect the batteries in a collection using solitary connections in between batteries. To achieve a series link, you will certainly connect the positive ports of the battery to the adverse port of the following battery.

The voltage of the individual batteries connected will provide you with the mixed overall needed. To link the battery pack to the cart, you will certainly connect the positive port of the very first battery as well as the adverse port of the last battery to the cart.


The amperage of a battery determines its power capability as well as identifying just how much power your battery will certainly produce while your car is running.

With this background knowledge, we now understand that the amperage schedule is the driving force behind relocating your cart. The higher the amperage readily available, the longer your batteries will last out on the course as well as the even more power will certainly be readily available to you.

Batteries show the amperage per hr on the battery as Ah. Apart from the minimum need, Ah is most likely to be identified by your preferences than manufacturers’ specifications. The greater the Ah, the even more power it will supply per hr of use.

Battery Type/Model

Golf cart batteries are classified into 3 various categories.

Swamped Lead Acid

FLA or “damp cell’ batteries are not secured and also include lead plates and also based on sulphuric acid. Changing the water allows the battery- to restore shed electrolytes.

Gel Lead-Acid Batteries

This is a covered device that makes use of a thickening representative to maintain the electrolytes still. GLA batteries can take more penalty when used off the beaten track and also can manage rough surface. They will certainly operate smoothly even when a fracture shows up in the external security.

AGM Lead-Acid Batteries

As a renovation on the GLA batteries, the AGM LA batteries are constructed with a fiberglass separator to keep the electrolyte in position. They can withstand vibrations, spill-proof as well as can stand up to rougher use as well as having verified to be a lot more durable.

Links and also Terminals

Make sure that the variety of links and also the thickness of the wires will certainly supply the best effectiveness for your power financial institution and will protect against getting too hot of the batteries.


When starting your look for a battery, it is very important to set your budget and also try everything possible to stay within the constraints of your budget. Establishing your budget plan think about that skimping on your purchase currently, could cost you in the longer term.

Rates are extremely competitive and agents vie for your company. There is an excellent advantage to be had from doing research online where you will certainly obtain the most effective total bargain. Guarantee that you compare all elements associated with the deal such as the online costs, delivery prices, insurance coverage, etc. to make certain that you get the most out of your cash.

Guarantee and also Fine Print

The service warranty released by producers and also resellers is extremely important as well as there could be several hidden provisions that will certainly revoke the service warranty. Take time and also understand what conditions are stated in the warranty as it could save a great deal of irritation and cash in the future.

Always review the fine print to make certain that you are not losing hard-earned money and that you are will get the most out of your golf cart experience. Producers that have a high level of trust in their product will certainly in all probability give you with a much longer service warranty and back it up with substitute must something go awry.

Always acquire Extra Batteries

Unless you are required by conditions, it is never ever a good idea to purchase batteries that are not new. Not only is this a temporary service as your substitute duration will certainly most absolutely be shorter, yet you run the risk of flaws that could not be discovered upon purchase and reduced warranty period.

The best doing batteries are brand-new ones or not yet older than 6 months.

It is very important to identify the age of the battery at acquisition.

You will typically find a stamp on the metal part of the battery consisting of details regarding the manufacture of the battery. There ought to be a letter followed by a number.

The letter indicates the month of manufacture beginning with A for January tool for December.

As the lifespan of a golf cart battery is not likely to exceed one decade, the number showing the year will certainly as a norm be within the last decade. 2 will show that it was produced in 2012 as well as an 8 that it was manufactured in 2018.

Inspect For Any Kind Of Damages

Whether you acquire a new or used battery, it would be suggested to check it for damage. Make sure that there are no splits, damages or burns that may cause the battery to fall short quicker than anticipated. Dust marks on new batteries could suggest that they were made use of and returned as defective.

Discover more regarding the battery charger

The specifications of the battery charger need to be aligned with the demands of the battery. Make certain that the size of the battery charger and also power requirements are within the specifications of what you have offered.


Even more weight on the battery will certainly be much more steady in your cart and also there is a smaller chance of it falling out of your cart.

Larger batteries are normally extra secure in your cart and less likely to abandon your cart while moving.

On the adverse side, heavier batteries will add weight and may reduce your travel slightly.

Determine The Battery’s Life process

The variety of times that you can charge your battery will determine for how long it will last. Routine use of the cart for extensive periods will certainly call for batteries that can last longer and also recharge on more events.

Identify Dimensions

The physical measurements of the battery should play an integral part in your acquisition. You do not want to obtain a home and also recognize that they don’t suit the area designated as well as needing to request for a substitute from the reseller.

Final Thoughts

Golf cart batteries create an integral part of your golf equipment and also the number of cycles, power, and also compatibility with the remainder of your cart is of utter importance. 6 V Swamped Lead Acid batteries are the most prominent on the training course and will certainly be located in at the substantial majority of carts.